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Yardstick Digital Marketing, with locations in Lawrenceville, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida, helps small businesses and non profits grow through engaging websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Advertising (PPC), and Social Media and Email Marketing.

Not just after the quick win, we are here to help you grow through smart, focused campaigns with measurable results.

Our services.


Your website is your storefront, business card, and best salesperson all in one. We make it work as hard as you do.


We help you find the audience that's right for your website, and get the most out of your search or display advertising spend.

SEO & Content

If you want to attract great customers, you need great content. We make sure your visitors love what they find on your website.

Social Media

Staying top of mind with your audience is the key to return business and referrals. We give you the plan, the tools, and can even produce the content.

Our approach.

we bring all our tools to the job

A carpenter wouldn't show up with just a hammer. "All I do is drive nails ..." So we don't just put up a website, and leave you to wonder why you're still not growing.

We start with the website, because it's essential, but we also do Search Engine Optimization, because you want your site to be found. We recommend PPC where the budget allows because most sites require at least some advertising to get them on the map. And we do Social Media and Email Marketing, because you need a way to keep your customers thinking about you.

but we don't use them all at once.

Instead, we look at your goals and your budget, and choose the most effective path forward.

Do you already have a loyal customer base? We get them engaged with Social Media. Or maybe you're the new kid on the block ... Paid Search is your best bet for making your presence known.

The point is, we choose what's right for you, make a plan, and watch.  We use the best tools for your stage of growth, with the end in mind being a fully functional and productive integrated marketing program.

we show you the results.


We won't overwhelm you with all the data we look at, but you need to know where your money is going, and what results you're getting.

You'll find just the information you're looking for on your customized dashboard, which includes your Key Performance Indicators for growth, the main numbers we are watching.

But we don't leave you to wonder. We also give you our insight on what's behind the numbers, and our next steps. 

This is no black box. We use a methodical application of best practices, and keep a careful eye on results. Try. Learn. Try again. Grow.

Ready to Grow!

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You’ll Receive…

In your free consultation we'll talk about

  • Your successes and growth goals.
  • Quick wins, and how to achieve them.
  • How to leverage what you already have bring in new business.

Our Team.

Drive, integrity, and flexibility characterize our team. With locations in Lawrenceville, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida, Phil and Adam draw on a wealth of experience, aided by outstanding local talent.


Phil brings to every client 20 years of experience in content development and digital marketing, plus a passion to help local businesses and non-profits succeed.


Adam has an amazing creative flare and a proven ability to develop digital marketing strategies that grow businesses.

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