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Why is SEO Important for Businesses

Why is SEO Important for Small Business?

If your small business wants to attract new customers, an ongoing SEO program will make your website more visible to people who are searching for what you offer.

SEO does this by fine-tuning website content, maintaining website health, and building links to and from other websites. But a good SEO program starts at the foundation of your website, guides your content creation, and adapts as technology and the competition changes.

Updating the Client Visibility Report

We use the SEMRush Visibility metric (in Position Tracking) as one way to tell how much of an impact we are having through our SEO efforts.

Because we haven't upgraded to the much more expensive version of SEMRush, we have to manually put those figures in a Google Sheet, so they can appear on our Client Dashboards.

Google Analytics - How to Filter Out Local Traffic

We rely on Google Analytics to help us understand what people are doing on our websites. But when there's not a ton of traffic to a website, our frequent visits to a website or submitting forms can skew the results. So we filter it out!

Wix - How to Hide a Page from Google

There are some pages on a website that we don't want people finding in search. Maybe they are pages curently in development, or maybe they are meant for only a few people.

Wix provides an easy way to tell search engines not to index these pages.

Adding a Sermon Video

Once a sermon video has been uploaded to YouTube, we can add it to the website, so people will see it on the Sermons page.

Open SEMRush

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Yardstick helps small businesses grow without losing focus or sleep. We do that through tightly aligned elements of a digital marketing funnel: lead-generating websites that engage audiences with story and compels them forward, SEO and content that attracts hungry prospects, email nurture campaigns that build trust and relationship, and PPC campaigns that expose brands to new and profitable customers.


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