Organic Search Traffic refers to people who search for what you do, find a link to your website that you haven't paid for, and click it.

In this sense, this is FREE traffic! But there are a lot of websites out there, and Google wants to send people to the site that best answers their question.

We use SEO to make it easier for people who are looking for what you do find you.



What is Organic Traffic and why do I want it?

No doubt, given enough time and enough trial and error, you could get results just like we do.

But is that really why you went into business?

We live and breathe digital marketing, so we can help you do what you do best. Don't worry ... we won't keep all the fun to ourselves!



There are lots of YouTube videos that show me how to build a website and get new customers. Why do I need you?

Usually when we get this question the concern is the expense – and we understand it's important to keep expenses under control. It's important to us too!

As a business owner it all comes down to value. If you're looking to really grow your business through your website (which you absolutely can do!) you'll want to do it right.

There's way too much competition out there



I'm just getting started. Can't I just get a simple website?

We don't want to mislead. Getting new customers from the Internet takes work. For those who are willing to commit, it opens up huge possibilities.

But most small businesses  can't afford to hire a full service agency that will hit from all angles.

That's why we train you to do the regular tasks that are best done by those closest to the business: email marketing, social marketing, and blogging.

Still want someone to handle those tasks for you? We can hook you up!



Why is strategic coaching essential?



How do I get more traffic to my website?

Generally speaking, we focus on helping service businesses, or those who sell just two or three products, rather than a whole catalog of products. This helps us focus on getting the best results for our clients.



Do you work with online stores?

Great question! The answer is "We hope so!" We specialize in helping small businesses grow their client base, so if the answer to most of the questions below is "Yes" then let's talk!

  • Are you a service-based business that wants to grow your customer base through the Internet?

  • Do you have an established business model that is currently earning revenue?

  • Are you able to scale to take advantage of at least $2,800 per month in new business?

  • Do you have someone who is able to spend 2 - 3 hours per month helping us stay tuned in to your business?

Mostly "Yeses"?? Let's Talk!



Is Yardstick right for us?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yardstick helps small businesses grow without losing focus or sleep. We do that through tightly aligned elements of a digital marketing funnel: lead-generating websites that engage audiences with story and compels them forward, SEO and content that attracts hungry prospects, email nurture campaigns that build trust and relationship, and PPC campaigns that expose brands to new and profitable customers.

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