Marketing Funnels

Perfectly aligned campaigns from start to finish, so your next best customer doesn't drop through the cracks.

You've finally gotten traffic flowing to the website but you have pitiful few leads to show for it.

Is your website really that bad?

Probably not, but you might want to start by asking yourself "what did you expect people to do when they landed on your home page?"

If your answer is "look around and fill out the form" ... we wish it were so easy.

Truth is, if you want to have any chance of snagging a significant portion of the traffic coming your way, you need to know exactly what you expect them to do at each step. And you need to make it easy.

You need a Marketing Funnel. At least one.

No More Leaky Buckets

What's a Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is a series of steps designed to take a prospective customer from not knowing you from Adam to ready to do business.



We start by researching the market for what keywords and content will to bring in the right audience. Eventually this leads to segmenting your audience, creating multiple funnels.


Website Content

Next, we craft a landing page that targets your audience – their needs, and your solution. Clarity is key here, not cuteness or completeness. And we make it super easy for them to get started with you.


Lead Magnet & Email Campaign

Most people won't be ready to do business the first time they visit you. We offer a helpful content in exchange for their email address, so we can stay top of mind while they shop around.


Conversion Optimization

This is the critical moment when they say "Yes" to you. We not only make it easy and desirable for them, we watch the analytics month by month to improve the rate of conversion, so no good leads slip through the cracks.

Proven lead-gen methods and rock-solid processes mean you'll find great value at every level.

Plans & Pricing


Yardstick Essentials


An end-to-end marketing funnel designed to sell your services as well as you do ... while you do what you do best!

  • A Website Optimized for Lead Generation

  • Continuous SEO & Conversion Optimization

  • A Lead Nurturing Campaign for Maximum Return

  • Monthly Insights Review

Yardstick Essentials + PPC


An end-to-end marketing funnel designed to sell your services as well as you do ... while you do what you do best!

Plus a fully managed Google Ads or Facebook Ads PPC campaign to ensure a steady stream of qualified visitors to your website.

Know Your Growth

Marketing is one grand experiment.

We start with best practices and assumptions, but we don't settle for guesses.

Instead we keep our eyes on a few key metrics that show us where we're growing, and what we can focus on next.

You'll see it right along with us, in your live dashboard. Look at it every week, or wait for our report each month. Either way you'll know first hand that your investment is working.

We'll show you how you can go from a dormant website to a steady stream of leads.

Each of our Yardstick Essentials subscriptions includes a complete marketing funnel.

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Yardstick helps small businesses grow without losing focus or sleep. We do that through tightly aligned elements of a digital marketing funnel: lead-generating websites that engage audiences with story and compels them forward, SEO and content that attracts hungry prospects, email nurture campaigns that build trust and relationship, and PPC campaigns that expose brands to new and profitable customers.

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