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The beauty of Paid Search Advertising or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services such as Google Ads is that we are putting your message in front of people who are already looking for you.

But the trick is finding out how they are looking for you and what messages they respond to best.

Yardstick Digital Marketing starts with practices that are widely acknowledged as the best way to bring in business. Then we learn, week-by-week, as we watch your prospective customers (and your competition).

The result are campaigns that steadily improve, and also adapt to changes in the market and technology.


Watch Your Growth!

We do this all behind the scenes – measure, learn, improve – considering dozens of factors as we adjust your campaign. But you can track your progress on your Yardstick Growth Chart.

As with every Yardstick service, we keep our eye on the metrics or KPIs that best show growth or decline, and bring you a custom report each month.


And we always keep our eyes open for opportunities to get your message in front of more people – the right people.


Gain Insights & Move Forward

But numbers by themselves don't tell the story, so we also include Insights into changes we're seeing, and the plan for moving forward.

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