Search Engine Optimization Is A Nerd-Term For Good Content

If you want Google, Bing, and Facebook to send people to your website, you have to prove two things to them:

  1. You have what people are looking for
  2. When those people see it, they're going to like it

There are many technical factors that search engines use to figure out these two things, like what keywords you're using, and where, but if you aim to please your target audience, you're likely to also please Google.

Getting Those Two Things Right Takes Work

(But we do it for you)

  • We research to learn the words people are using to find what you do
  • We adjust the content on your pages to make them findable by your audience
  • We suggest new content (or write it for you) based on what people are looking for
  • We keep an eye on technical factors that let search engines read your content
  • We keep an eye on the competition to see what's working for them

Then we do it again. This is where our horticultural skills come in.* Rather than a structure that you build and then move in, SEO is a garden you tend. The more time you spend in it, the more cucumbers you get out of it. But there's no rushing it. SEO is a discipline that takes time to get going, up to six months before you start to see a return. But keep tending it, and the results will keep coming in whether you're paying for advertisement or not.

*That's actually a lie. We're great at SEO, not at gardening.

We use the industry-leading SEO tool Moz to stay on top of your rankings, and make sure we're putting our time where it's needed most.


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