Flashy is Fine, But Effective Wins Every Time

Small Business Website Problem #1

Visitors don't become customers.


A website is not a brochure. It's not a soapbox, a laundry list, or a cinematic voiceover script.

It is the answer to a question: "Can you help me?" Answering that question, and giving the visitor a reason and a chance to become a customer, is Job #1.

Yardstick Designs Websites That Convert

What you do is important, and valuable. So we take time to listen to what makes your business and audience tick. Then we present that information in a way that satisfies your projects that you are the answer to their problem. Finally, we make it very simple for them to advance the relationship, whatever that means to you: sign up for the newsletter, call or contact, buy it on the spot.

Here's How We Get Things Ready For Action:

Proven Design Techniques

Your prospective customers won’t have to learn how to use your website before they can use your website.

Clear Messaging and Navigation

You know what drives your customers, and what you do best. We know how to say it on the Web.

Goal Oriented Pages with Tracking

Your customers will know how to take the next step, and you will know if they take it.

Open Technology Platform

Your site will use the WordPress platform because it provides great flexibility at minimal cost.

And The Growth Begins!

With an effective website as the foundation of your digital strategy, you'll be assured that your campaigns will be driving prospective customers to pages that sell your business as well as you do.


Built on this solid foundation your website will sell your business as well as you do.

  • Effective one-page websites from $750
  • Multi-page websites from $1150



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But There's More!

Too often once-beautiful websites become eyesores. Let us keep it ready for action, secure, and constantly improving.

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