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The Four Essential Marketing Activities

Did you know that all marketing activities can be boiled down to four simple activities?

It’s true. All you need to do to answer all you need to do to evaluate the health of your marketing program is look at key metrics and activities associated with these for activities. What are they hey start with the letters AEC and R attract engage convert retain that start with the first when I tracked this is all about bringing in new business there’s people that you this is all about bringing people

This is all about bringing people to your business in the realm of digital marketing where we use online tools were talking about bringing people to your website and the key metric associated with attracting people to your website is users and Google analytics you can see the number of users who came to your website there are other things you can see as well like the number of sessions how many sessions the people had on your website during the. You can also see how many came from organic means or from paid search but at the very top of the most important thing is that people came to your website that’s attracting

Second is engage this is the process where once you’ve got the person to the website you give them the information that they need and the reasons they need to do whatever it is you want them to do to buy what you’re selling to read what you’re writing to join your cards. Again in the realm of digital marketing engagement is all about people interacting with content on your website it can be written can’t it a give me a video it can be a survey you can be an ROI calculator, but the most important thing is that they are spending time on your website consuming content that is going to tell them more about your business and give them a reason to take the next step and the relationship this is often called nurturing and it can involve reaching back out to customers who have already left your website either through remarketing or through email marketing or through Facebook. But the point is that you keep them engaged with content about your business that is helpful to them and that defense the relationship nurtures the relationship.

The next step is conversion. This is that all important part where your website visitor does what you want them to do now that could be the end result which is to buy or join or give or come, or it could be smaller incremental steps maybe the first conversion point is that they sign up for a newsletter or like your Facebook channel your Facebook page. Maybe the next conversion step is that they complete a quick survey that asked them questions about their business and their need maybe the next step and how many steps we have depends on how big the ask is at the end maybe the next step is that they download a white paper and at the end of this there’s always a final consummate step which is something like please contact me or in the case of lead generation or the actual purchase in the case of online sales that’s Converse ☁️

But as well see in a minute conversion doesn’t end with the sale I last step is our retention. We all know that the hardest part of a business is not getting the customer but for filling the brand promise which is doing the thing that you said you’re going to do and helping the customer be aware of it and appreciate it so retention is the act of reaching back out to the customer to remind them of the value of the product and to give them an opportunity to engage with you again. Or to be a brand advocate to invite their friends so to speak. To leave a comment about their experience with you or rate your service.

So there you have it if you are doing these four things effectively and your organization you will have an effective marketing program. Next time we’re going to answer the question how do I know if I have an effective how do I know if I’m doing this for things how do I know if I how do I measure will look at key performance indicators for the average small business

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