Your Simple, Measurable Marketing Strategy – Part 1

So many tools, so many possibilities, you can easily drown in hot new ways to attract an audience to your website and turn them into customers.

But you don’t need (and can’t manage) every tool and every strategy. Don’t let talk of marketing automation, funnels, bidding strategies, social engagement, and conversion optimization get your head turned around. You just need a plan that works, and you need to work it consistently.

You’ll need to learn and adapt, but here’s a bulletproof plan to get your digital marketing off the ground.

The Mindset – Marketing Helps People

First, let’s get our motives straight. We’re in business to make money. Most companies worth their salt want to provide a product or service that people really need or want, and they want to be fairly compensated for it. You too?

That all works out great if you have enough customers coming in through the door. More than likely, you need more than word-of-mouth can supply.

You need the Public. And the Public can’t come knocking if they don’t know you exist. That’s all marketing is. You do something great. They need what you do. So all you need to do is find the people who need what you do and tell them about it and a way that makes them want to come knocking.

“Find the people who need what you do and tell them about it and a way that makes them want to come knocking”

Tell them the truth! But capture their imagination – fill in the blanks. Just do so in a way that will set them up with the right expectations when they walk in the door.

That’s marketing in a nutshell. How do we do that in the age of the Internet? Read on…

The Big Four – Marketing Activities You’ve Gotta Do

To put it simply – because that’s what we do at Yardstick – keeping customers walking in the door in the realm of Internet marketing means four things:

  1. Bring Them In

  2. Get Them Engaged

  3. Win Them Over

  4. Keep Them Coming Back

Where do you Bring Them In to? Your website. You get them there most often through Paid Search, which allows those who are already looking to find your website more easily.

How do you Get Them Engaged? Content on your website – words, pictures, video, graphs … whatever tells the story in a compelling way.

What does it mean to Win Them Over? Depends on your business. If you’re an online store, it means a purchase. If you’re not it may mean filling out a form. Either way, we call these conversions, and they’re worth dollars and cents.

Finally, how do we Keep Them Coming Back? Remind them what’s so great about you, and show them other products or services they might need. Use Email Marketing, Social Marketing, or Retargeting (showing ads directly to those who’ve already shown an interest).

That’s four “streams” of activity. Four areas where you need a plan you can work consistently and know whether it’s working. See why you need to keep it simple?

Much of this revolves around having an effective website to work with. We’ll help you with that too, but for now let’s assume you’ve already conquered that dragon.

Paid Search is all about elevating your website to be seen by those who are looking for what you have or do

Bring Them In – Paid Search

Since you’ve chosen your product or service well, you know there’s a demand for it. And you probably have a good idea who needs it most, and who’s willing to pay a reasonable price for it. But you don’t know these people so you turn to advertising to find them.

There are many ways to bring in an audience: Facebook and Instagram, Outbound Email Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, but for our simple plan we are going to stick with this one essential: Google Ads.

Google Ads (and other search services) let you pull in people who are already searching for things related to your products with keywords like “red umbrella.” It works like this:

  1. You tell Google what keywords you want to bid on and how much you want to spend per day.

  2. You create a text ad that tells people what you are offering.

  3. When someone searches for a keyword that’s on your list, if Google thinks it’s a good match, they see your ad.

  4. If the ad grabs them, they click it and go to a Landing Page on your website.

Get Them Engaged – The Website

Your website should be full of good content that is well-organized, easy to digest, and helps people answer all their questions. But when we talk about engaging new customers, it all comes down to the Landing Page.

The Landing Page is the webpage we send people to when they click on your ad. Your landing page needs to do three things very, very well:

  1. Headline – Grab people with a headline that tells them they’ve found what they’re looking for. The words of the headline should be tightly aligned with the ad that brings them there.

  2. Copy – Tell them what they need to know to make a decision.

  3. Call To Action – Make it easy and obvious for them to say “Yes.”

And of course the landing page needs to be in lock-step with the keywords in your Ad.

Next time we’ll round out your simple strategy … Win Them Over … and Keep Them Coming Back!

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