• Open Google Analytics to the main profile for the account you want to filter.

  • If there is a profile labeled "External" use that.

  • Otherwise use the profile "All Website Data."


Open Admin, swing over to the Profile you want, and click Filters.


  • Click "Add Filter"

  • Give it a name related to the location of the IP

  • Select the filter type: Exclude

  • Select the source: traffic from IP address


Open the Yardstick IPs Worksheet, and copy the IP address you want to filter.


  • Select the expression "that are qual to."

  • Paste in the IP.


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Once you've created a filter that profile will no longer include visits or activity from that IP address. (It will still show prior visits.)

Google Analytics - How to Filter Out Local Traffic

We rely on Google Analytics to help us understand what people are doing on our websites. But when there's not a ton of traffic to a website, our frequent visits to a website or submitting forms can skew the results. So we filter it out!

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