Add Sermon Category

To differentiate this sermon post from other types of blog posts, open the Categories menu, and select the Sermons category.

Then publish.

Add Yardstick as a user

Add Yardstick as a user

Click through to Account Permissions

Click through to Account Permissions

Copy IP

Open the Yardstick IPs Worksheet, and copy the IP address you want to filter.

Copy URL

Open the most recent sermon video, click Share, and copy the URL.

Copy last month

Copy and Paste the previous month's entries, and replace dates.

Create a New Article

Open the Blog Manager and create a new post.

Create new Filter

  • Click "Add Filter"

  • Give it a name related to the location of the IP

  • Select the filter type: Exclude

  • Select the source: traffic from IP address

Enter Date and Speaker

Enter the sermon date and the speaker below the video. Use the following format:

Tucker Presbyterian Worship Service


Sermon: [Speaker Name]