Most small business websites start out amazing! (or at least pretty good) But doing business gets in the way, and unfortunately, the website quickly becomes an embarrassment. 

The problem is that while you may be ignoring it, your prospective customers are not. People want your website to tell them how you'll meet their needs. So it's got to stay sharp. Believe it or not, a good website can be a complete game changer!

"Ummm no, don't go to our website.
Just give me your email and I'll get you the info."


No More Rusty And Broken Down Websites With Yardstick Management

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It's Done

Engage your potential customer with a website designed specifically for their needs, and to move them closer to a sale.

1. Be Engaging

5 seconds

The time you have to catch your potential customer's attention.


Show them you understand their problem, you understand how to solve it, and help them understand how your product or service solves it!

2. Listen & Fix It

Tell them exactly what you need from them to move forward, and do it right then! Contact us? Click? Make it super easy.

4. Make it Easy To Move Forward

How are you going to make their life better? Don't overwhelm them with details here - try to stay away from too many numbers or statistics.

3. Show Them, Tell Them!

Back up your claims with social media, reviews, and proof! Who else loves you?

5. Include Testimony

Finally, as they are leaving, make sure to ask if you can keep in touch. Offer them something that will give them a a quick win, a discount, or something of the sort in exchange for their email address

6. Keep In Touch!

Thanks for submitting!

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Why is SEO Important for Businesses?

The quality of your SEO program will determine how many people come through your door, instead of your competitor's.

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Yardstick helps small businesses grow without losing focus or sleep. We do that through tightly aligned elements of a digital marketing funnel: lead-generating websites that engage audiences with story and compels them forward, SEO and content that attracts hungry prospects, email nurture campaigns that build trust and relationship, and PPC campaigns that expose brands to new and profitable customers.


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